To share thoughts, reflections, practices and experiences that engage mindful living and contemplative worship in a faith-promoting environment, helping to increase our peace and strengthen the bonds of community.

It is our belief and hope that our writers and readers will:

  • Deepen their relationship with the Savior and their fellow brothers and sisters
  • Develop their own voices to advocate for greater peace, patience, love and compassion in their faith and lives
  • Form bonds of support and friendship between one another that may lead to other joint projects or activities
  • Contribute to a new and growing body of knowledge and practices associated with mindful living and contemplative worship


Latter-day Saints and others who desire to enrich their daily lives and enhance their experiences as disciples of Christ.

Submission Guidelines:

Writers wishing to submit a piece should first contact the Editor to share a short description of their idea.

Upon approval, writers will observe the following guidelines:

  • include title (and all subheadings)
  • 400-700 word count
  • tone and style should be approachable and colloquial but professional.
  • short paragraphs and digestible sentences are preferred. 
  • include a header picture as a separate jpeg file (free use or personal image w/ link to original source)
  • include internal links to other articles, sites, scripture, etc., within the document
  • submit as a Word document (googledoc is also fine)

Submissions are received on a rolling basis. Only original pieces will be reviewed and considered for publication on the site. Reposting elsewhere is permissible only a week after the blog entry goes live on the site. 

It is our hope and expectation that writers published with us will continue to share their future reflections with the community.

Review Process:

  • Writer communicates idea for submission with Editor
  • Editor approves idea
  • Writer follows submission guidelines and submits piece back to the Editor
  • Editor reviews the submission
  • A second editor or outside reader reviews the submission
  • Submission is approved for publication
  • Author is informed of approval

We look forward to reading your entry soon.

Peace, be still