Full Catastrophe Living, in 3-D

May 6, 2020 –  by Jacob Hess

That’s kind of how it’s felt to many in America and all around the world these days – especially those who have fallen ill or lost a loved one. I’ve also been grieved to see the tears on faces of small business owners grappling with the possibility of losing it all – along with thinking of the many for whom a job lost means no way to feed their families (undocumented immigrants won’t get any checks in April, and many countries around the world have little safety net, no food bank, etc).


A mindfulness revolution has swept over America in recent decades—inviting people to slow down, stop more, and cultivate more stillness and silence in their lives. Many Latter-day Saints are finding that principles of mindfulness improve their relationships with family and God, and strengthen their commitment to living the restored gospel.

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The Power of Stillness: Mindful Living for Latter-day Saints

By Jacob Z. Hess, Carrie L. Skarda, Kyle D. Anderson, Ty R. Mansfield

The co-authors of a forthcoming book on mindful living for Latter-day Saints have each felt separate nudges to consider a text to explore the mindfulness/Mormonism interface for some time. Although they’ve relished many popular treatments of the topic, including those exploring applications toward a more contemplative Christianity, they’ve also found their texts to be variously foreign to many Latter-day Saint ears. They’ve long desired an exploration that would feel more accessible to our own Latter-day Saint community, communicating insights from contemplative/mindful practice in a way that enhances faith in, and experience with, the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

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